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Heavy Duty Roofing Protection


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Waterproofing, Protecting and Preserving Old and New Roofing.Heavy Duty Roof Coating

Prolonging roof life. Making roofing UV Stable with the Using liquid asphalt roof coatings to Prolong your roofs life.

Adding an extra layer of waterproofing asphalt to your roof surfaces helps with waterproofing your new and old roofing. Waterproofing new and old roof surfaces protecting both from deterioration which would otherwise shorten their lives.
With the use of Waterproofing Asphalt, you are able to create a durable weather surface to protect the roof’s primary waterproofing membrane for maximum flexibility, bondability, durability, and provide extra waterproofing protection.

Waterproofing and Coating Asphalt & Metal Roofing

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Coating your asphalt & metal roofing with an Aluminium Roof Coating that is tough, reflective, energy efficient and a waterproofing coating which can prolong your roofs life

Coating your roofing gives the following benifits:aluminium roof coating product information

  • Reflectivity and waterproofing in a single coating.
  • Reduces internal cooling & heating costs.
  • Shields against sunlight, heat and oxidisation.
  • Significantly prolongs roof life.
  • Decorates roof.

Prolong your roofing Life with the use of an Aluminium Roof Coating and help to protect your roofing from “thermal shock” and reduce maintenance expense as it protects, is eight times more reflective than black roofs, Reduces internal cooling & heating costs. Industrial and commercial roofs are under continuous stress from the sun, the weather, building stresses and from acid rain and other pollutants.

Swepco Flexshield Roof Coating® Products Information

(Water Based) Liquid Asphalt Roof Coating

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Water Based Maintenance and Shield Coating that remains flexible which has the following benifits:
Flexshield roof coating

  • Waterproofs, protects and preserves old and new roofs.
  • Protects costly Roof Membranes.
  • Insulation and protects decks from deterioration.
  • Resists blistering because it breathes.

Waterproofing, protecting and preserving both new roofs and properly prepared existing roofs. As a maintenance coating, it is compatible with smooth surface asphalt roofs; concrete and corrugated asbestos cement roofs; gravel, granule and other aggregate covered asphalt roofs; granular surfaced roll roofing roofs; and exposed metal roofs. Flexshield Roof Coating Will help to prevent roof failure. The most common causes of roof failure are from moisture penetration, oxidation and erosion it makes both old and new roofs last longer by protecting them.

Swepco Aluminium Roof Shield® Product Information

Roofing Insulation Coating

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Preserve, Insulate and beautify both new and old asphalt and metal roofing that is already waterproof with an asphalt aluminium finish coat . It is an economical way to achieve energy efficiency and longer roof life.aluminium roof shield

  • Shields roof from 55% of the suns harmful rays.
  • Reduces cooling and heating costs.
  • Extends roof life.

Insulate and preserve both new and old asphalt and metal roofing, with an asphalt aluminium finish coat that is designed to preserve, insulate (achieve energy efficiency) and beautify both old and new asphalt and metal roofs. Designed for roofs that are already waterproof.

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