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Heavy Duty Asphalt Paving Sealer® Product Information

Heavy Duty Asphalt Paving Sealer®Heavy Duty Asphalt Paving Sealer

  • Prolongs the life of new and old asphalt paving.
  • Seals pavement against water damage.
  • Retards oxidisation and deterioration.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • Easy to apply.

A premium quality black, solvent based asphalt sealer. It protects both old and new asphalt pavement, sealing out moisture to keep the pavement’s base sound, preventing cracks and chuck holes, prolonging the life of the pavement and reducing maintenance costs. Ideal for parking lots, driveways, ramps, loading docks, paved warehouse floors, walkways and many other paved asphalt surfaces. Easily applied by brush, squeegee, roller or airless spray equipment.


Heavy Duty Asphalt Paving Sealer is a premium quality, protective sealer designed to prolong the life of asphalt pavement and reduce overall maintenance costs. It is manufactured from SWEPCO TRI-MASTIC 49 Asphalt, SWEPCO’s highly effective bonding agent, Zonamine, and select waterproofing oils. It is ideal for providing dependable protection of parking lots, driveways, ramps, loading docks, paved warehouse floors, bicycle paths, walkways and many other paved asphalt surfaces.



Heavy Duty Asphalt Paving Sealer forms a tough, durable asphalt coating which seals hairline cracks and helps prevent water and ice damage. As it seals out water, it seals in the natural oils which keep the pavement strong and resilient. By sealing in these essential oils and retarding oxidation, Heavy Duty Asphalt Paving Sealer helps prevent pavement cracks and deterioration and prolongs the life of both new and old paved areas.


Resistance to wear is one of the most important characteristics of a superior asphalt paving sealer and no other sealer excels Heavy Duty Asphalt Paving Sealer in this area. One of the reasons for SWEPCO’s outstanding resistance to wear is the use of SWEPCO TRI-MASTIC 49 Asphalt, a truly outstanding asphalt that better resists the damaging effects of both traffic and exposure to weather.

Another reason for Heavy Duty Asphalt Paving Sealer’s long service life is its superior bondability. A highly effective special bonding agent, Zonamine, helps the sealer form a tight, uniform bond with the existing surface. And that means it better resists the chipping, blistering and peeling encountered with cheap paving sealers and paints.


Because Heavy Duty Asphalt Paving Sealer retards oxidation of the asphalt and helps prevent seepage of water into the subsurface, it greatly slows down overall deterioration of the asphalt paving. The need for patching and other maintenance is held to a minimum, substantially lowering maintenance costs. And because it provides a smooth, seamless new surface that’s easier to keep clean, it also lowers labor costs for routine cleaning.


Heavy Duty Asphalt Paving Sealer also saves money on application labor because application is easy, fast and simple. Heavy Duty Asphalt Paving Sealer is applied just as it comes from the container.
No special preparation of the products. No dangerous heating. No special equipment of any kind. Just pour it on and brush it smooth. And for those larger jobs, it’s completely adaptable to spray or spreader box application techniques.


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