Aluminium Roof Coating

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Swepco Aluminium Roof Coating® Product Information

A tough, reflective, energy efficient waterproofing coating for asphalt & metal roofs

  • Reflectivity and waterproofing in a single coating.aluminium roof coating product information
  • Reducuction of energy costs.
  • Shields against sunlight, heat and oxidisation.
  • Significantly prolongs roof life.
  • Decorates roof.

Prolongs Roof Life helps protect roofs from “thermal shock” reduces maintenance expense beautifies as it protects eight times more reflective than black roofs twice the aluminum of many competitive coatings, Reduces internal cooling & heating costs

Industrial and commercial roofs are subject to extreme conditions, from the sun, the changing weather conditions, building stresses, from acid rain and other pollutants.

It takes a lot more than just waterproofing to provide long lasting protection in these conditions. And no protective coating meets the challenge better than

SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating.

SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating is a premium quality waterproofing coating which is formulated for long term service in the harshest of conditions.
It is manufactured from the finest pure aluminum pigments, two specifically selected and refined asphalts, High Strength Micro Fibers and a special SWEPCO chemical additive which improves bond ability.

In addition to providing the best in waterproofing and protection for a wide variety of both new and properly prepared old roofs, SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating has the added advantage of saving energy and making roofs more attractive. No other waterproofing coating provides more benefits or is more cost effective.

Saves Energy in Summer

SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating
contains a protective barrier which is eight times more reflective than typical black roof surfaces and up to four times more reflective than typical gravel roofs, it reflects more heat, it lowers interior temperatures for buildings which are not air conditioned and reduces energy costs for cooling buildings which are air-conditioned.

By reflecting much of this harmful form of solar radiation, SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating significantly extends the life of asphalt roofs and reduces maintenance costs.

Metal roofs last longer because SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating is corrosion resistant and helps protect all types of metal roofs from moisture, rust and a wide variety of industrial pollutants.

Added Protection From Thermal Shock

SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating also helps protect the roof from “thermal shock”. Most industrial roofs go through very wide temperature fluctuations during a 24 hour period. In some climates, the difference between the night time low temperatures and the daytime highs can be as much as 90° F or 50°C. This places great thermal stress on roofs on a daily basis. It is not at all uncommon for rapid temperature drops to split a roof completely apart.

SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating can cut these wide temperature fluctuations by as much as 50%. The result is less thermal stress and longer roof life.

Saves Energy in Winter

SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating also saves energy in Winter because it holds heat in better than other roof surfacings. With less heat loss due to radiation, roofs protected by Aluminum Roof Coating are less expensive to keep warm in Winter.

Extends Roof Life

SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating also extends roof life by reflecting a large percentage of the sun’s deteriorating ultra-violet radiation. UV radiation is a roof’s worst enemy, causing oxidation, drying, brittleness, alligatoring, cracking, peeling and general deterioration of the asphalt and roof membrane.

A tough, reflective, energy efficient waterproofing coating

Cuts Roof Maintenance Costs

In contrast to typical, graveled roof surfaces, the modern, smooth surface provided by SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating is easier and less costly to inspect and maintain. Without gravel, periodic inspection becomes a task measured in minutes instead of hours. Problems can be detected while they are still minor problems. And, when maintenance does become necessary, it costs less because it takes less time.

SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating delivers superior performance because it contains more than twice the aluminum pigments used in many competitive coatings . . . it contains “Heart of Texas” Asphalt® and TRIMASTIC 49® Asphalt, to insure superior waterproofing, flexibility, bond ability, weatherability and optimum leafing of the aluminum pigments. It also includes Zonamine, a special SWEPCO additive which helps insure a tight bond with the roof surface.


SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating is ideal for protection of new and properly prepared older smooth asphalt and metal roofs. It can also be used over mineral or granule surfaced roofing, as well as many types of “single ply” roofing materials. In fact, the protection it provides is needed more by single ply roofing than almost any other type.

Easy to Apply

SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating is applied straight from the container with brush, roller, squeegee or airless spray equipment. It requires no heating or thinning.

For asphalt & metal roofs

Description & Purpose

SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating is a premium quality coating designed to waterproof, protect and beautify commercial and industrial roofs. It is made with pure aluminum pigments, two special sphalts, High Strength Micro Fibers and other high quality ingredients.

Recommended Uses

SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating is recommended for use over smooth asphalt, mineral granule surfaced asphalt, gravel covered asphalt and exposed metal roofs in a wide variety of complete SWEPCO Roof Systems. It is suitable as both a maintenance coating for existing roofs and a final coating for new roofs.

Key Features & Benefits

More than twice the aluminum content of many competitive coatings Dependable waterproofing performance Prolongs roof life

Improves the energy efficiency of most roofs Up to eight times more reflective than typical black roofs Up to four times more reflective than typical gravel roofs Helps keep buildings which are not air conditioned cooler Reduces cooling loads and cooling costs of air conditioned buildings Helps keep buildings warmer in winter Protects asphalt roofs from damaging ultra-violet radiation

Provides added protection from thermal shock Helps protect metal roofs from rust, corrosion and many harmful industrial pollutants Easy to apply

Usage Rates

The recommended coverage rate for SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating varies depending upon the type of surface: (See Product Information Brochure) Can be used over the following surfaces.

  • Roll Roofing/Exposed Metal
  • Smooth Asphalt/ Heavy Duty PolyPly/Asphalt Roll Roofing/Granule Surfaced Asphalt Roll Roofing
  • Mineral Granule Covered Asphalt
  • Gravel or Other Coarse Aggregate Covered Asphalt
  • Asphalt ShinglesPlease consult the Container Label or Product Data Bulletin on SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating for more specific application information.


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