Roof Shield Coating

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White Roof Shield Coating®

Zonex K - Industrial Cleaner

  • A titanium dioxide pigmented water base coating which provides a brilliant white roof surface. It insulates, protects, preserves
    and beautifies asphalt, metal, asbestos cement and asphalt shingle roofs.
  • DESCRIPTION AND PURPOSE:SWEPCO White Roof Shield is a high quality water base white coating, contains titanium reflective,  which reflects 80% of the sun’s radiation. It is designed to provide an attractive reflective surface for a wide variety of industrial and commercial roofs.OUTSTANDING FEATURES:REFLECTS THE SUN’S HEAT REDUCING INFRA-RED RADIATION

    By reflecting the sun’s heat producing radiation, SWEPCO White Roof Shield helps reduce interior cooling loads of air conditioned structures, resulting in savings of both energy and money. Even buildings without air conditioning stay cooler because roof surface temperatures are significantly reduced.


    Ultra-violet radiation is the number one cause of deterioration of asphalt roof membranes. By reflecting a significant portion of this damaging form of radiation, SWEPCO White Roof Shield retards oxidation of the asphalt, prolongs the life of the roof and reduces maintenance costs.

  • BEAUTIFIES A WIDE VARIETY OF COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL ROOF TYPESSWEPCO White Roof Shield cures to a brilliant white roof surface which is compatible with smooth asphalt, gravel covered asphalt, sound corrugated asbestos cement, metal, and mineral or granule surfaced roofs, including composition shingle roofs. It also performs well on most varieties of porous, “non glazed” roof tiles which are not exposed to
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